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Maccaja is a multi - functional structure built for musical-artistic productions. The company has been working since 1997 in Genova, and it has already produced high quality works spanning from Film and TV scoring, italian songwritings to international pop-rock projects.
Maccaja also acts as independent label, focusing in building up an aggressive and incisive team of musicians, arrangers, sound engineers, producers, composers and singers. In 2007 Maccaja moved to the new prestigious location in the ancient part of Genoa Harbour called “Porto Antico”.

New Studios expand upon a 1000 sq. mt. Area, shared with the twin-structure “
CASA DELLA MUSICA di Genova”. The production site is composed by: 4 recording rooms (recording room 1 certified for the Dolby Surround mix) and 4 live rooms (live room 3 fits for small orchestral projects).
Maccaja peculiar strenght is mainly fuelled by its working team: Marco Canepa, Roberto Maragliano, Paolo Cogorno Paolo Dughero, toghether with a dozen of assistants and back office; in addition the stable and solid long term- relationship with italian artists and musicians plus the composite size of the company contribute to its flexibility and efficiency in a wide range of audio productions.
Maccaja acting as publishing company has an extended and growing track catalogue including pop, rock, ethno, folk, world music, film and Tv scoring. Maccaja is currently the main partner of “
radiopersonalizzata network” ( and is responsible of its audio production; “radiopersonalizzata” is the official web radio of many important italian brands such as “motivi”, “Oltre”, ”S. Bitter”, Mazda